About Shaktambika Mataji

Before 1100 years ago, King Mulraj Solanki ruled over North Gujarat. He had established Siddhpur-Patan as his capital. He had done much unjust to the people and killed Gautra’s. To repent upon his deeds, he decided to build a ‘Rudra Mahalaya’ in Siddhpur. Siddhpur – as described in the third chapter of ‘Bhagat’ – a place where many saints had done penance, birthplace of god Kapil, where Goddess Saraswati resides, which is equivalent to heaven. To build this Rudra Mahalaya, the king invited 1037 holy Brahmins who were scholars too. Among those Brahmins were Gautam gautri Brahmins too. They were carrying their Goddess in a caravan to Siddhpur.. This city was palatial as it had many Temples of God’s and Goddesses along with Jain temples. The step-wells and ponds were also established there. The caravan suddenly stopped in this city named Pushpawati which was located nearby Siddhpur and with the permission of Mataji, Gautami Brahmins established her in this city and then Mataji became well known by the name of Shaktambika. By establishment of the Brahmins in this city, the king donated the whole city to the Gautami Brahmins. These Brahmins were later known as ‘Pushpadaliya’.

In the time being, due to the curse of some saint, this city was demolished and people evacuated the whole city. After many years, due to evidence of the temple of ‘Ambaji Mataji’, the Rabari community people re-established in this village after 800 years. After that many people of different community established here and the village was known by the name ‘Paswadal’ and it flourished there on.

The vital fame of Shaktambika Mataji returned with the rehabilitation which was done before 86 years on Friday 7th of Maha sud 1971. After that, since 30 years, there has been constant increase in Brahmins coming here for worship. By the mixed effort of villagers, People serving here and the donations given by the Gautri Brahmins, a land had been purchased on which Halls, Rooms and Kitchen has been constructed.

Maha sud 7 is celebrated as Mataji’s patotsav

Lord of Gautami brahman

  • Gotra = Gautam
  • Kuldevi = Shaktambika Mata
  • Shaka = Madhayandini
  • Ved = Yajurveda
  • Pravar 3 = Gautam, Aangiras, Sankrant
  • Shiv = Vireshwar Mahadev
  • Ganesh = Mahodar
  • Bhairav = Kaalbhairav