About Maha Tapaswi Maharishi Gautam

According to the ancient History, there were many men with name Gautam, such as Gautam, Gautam Andra, Gautam Aruni, Gautam Krushmand, Gautam Vyas etc. Adjectives such as Andra and rest distinguished one from the other. Here Rishi Gautam’s familiarity was distinctive apart from adjective.

His father Dirdhtamas and mother Pradweshi were of Aagiras caste. It has been known from somewhere that Dirdhtamas himself had adopted Gautam’s name.

Ours chief highly holy Maharishi with his efforts attended place among renowned Saptrishi’s. He was married to Ahalya maa. His son Rishi Satanand was priest in the court of king Janak. (Apparently he belonged to Ram’s period).

According to Bhagwad Gondmandal Gautam’s daughter named was Anjani, whose son is Hanuman devotee of lord Ram.

Ahalya mata: According to the information provided in Shatpath Brahmin, Ahalya, s father was Mudgal Vadhyaswa and mother a celestial damsel meneka. Ahalya maa (being a daughter of fairy) was extraordinary beautiful.’ Haalya’ means ugly and critically talked about while ‘A’ means no. This girl deprived of critics was extremely beautiful and so Lord Brahma gave her name ‘Ahalya’ and made her marriage with Jitendriya Brahma rishi Gautam.

Indra Dev along with other Dev and Demons wanted to marry Ahalya maa as she was beautiful. In this situation Brahma kept condition that the one who would first complete moving around earth would marry her. The one’s who wished to marry her started their journey but Maharishi Gautam (as he was being of earth and was deprived moving around earth) satisfied the condition by moving around the cow who was in middle of her pregnancy and was first to return. Brahma gave Ahalya’s hand in his hand and they were married.

Indra who was highly influenced by Ahalya’s beauty did not compromise. He decided to cheat and took the appearance of Gautam muni and cheated Ahalya maata. On knowing this, Maharishi Gautam gave curse to Indra saying O Indra! You will be defeated by your enemies, your position on throne won’t remain stable, you will be impotent, your body will have hundred holes and as you have started perverse acts, and you will be cursed for half of the sin of immortal acts done by wicked person in future.

To set an example in the society, Maharishi gave a curse to his beloved wife saying “The flesh of your body will dry up, your nails will fall out, skin and bone will remain a part of your body and you will be converted into stone. Lord Rama will give you life